Chester Sailing and Canoeing club is run completely by volunteers from the membership.  Our Committee consists of dedicated members who have the Sailing Clubs interest to heart.  So you know who is who -

Meet the Committee


Mike Harvey


Figurehead for the club. Ensure club runs smoothly. Represent the club externally.

Specific Duties

· Chair Club Committee meetings

· Chair AGM and any General Meetings

· Give a speech at the Dinner Dance and reports to the AGM

· Reports to Club Committee meetings



Larry Hansford

Vice Commodore

Covers for the Commodore when they are unable to fulfill a duty.

Others duties as requested by the Commodore or Club Committee.



Carys Done

Rear Commodore

Organises the club social programme. Manages the use of club premises and holds a diary of bookings.

Ensures that facilities are available for catering at club events.

Specific Duties

· Chairs the Bar Committee

· Arranges the annual Dinner Dance

· Invites the Lord Mayor to the Dinner Dance

· Ensures catering is provided for club regatta days and Boxing Day

· Sets policies and prices for use of club facilities



Rosalind Coleman

Minutes Secretary

Looks after all correspondence for the club and responds to external requests for information.

Specific Tasks

· Records and publishes Club Committee and AGM minutes

· Maintains all key documents for the club including boat certificates and insurance policies

· Maintains a register of key-holders (Clubhouse and Training room)

· Archive documents.

· Sends out notices of meetings, and agendas as agreed with the Commodore

· Reports to Main Committee meetings


Karen Snee

Membership Secretary

Looks after all aspects of membership registration and correspondence for the club. 

Specific Tasks

· Records and maintains a register of current members using WebCollect.


· Reports to Main Committee meetings



Bill Broughall


Looks after the financial affairs of the club

Specific Tasks

·       Keeps accounts and records of all income and expenditure Ensure that the club's assets are properly and visibly protected

·       Collects subscriptions, berth and rack fees and coffee/tea payments and record

·       Chases non-payers

·       Pays bills

·       Produces interim accounts to report at Main Committee meetings

·       Produce end of year accounts for AGM





Club Captain

Responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the club, and its main assets. Responsible for all aspects of security for club premises and assets.

Specific Tasks

·      Retention of keys and access codes for the Clubhouse and the Training Room.

·      Maintenance of club buildings

·      Maintenance of the club grounds

·      Maintaining the safety boats

·      Maintaining the safety boat engines.

·      Maintenance of club boats



Dave Harrison

Sailing Secretary

Looks after all aspects of the sailing activities in the club

Ensures the safety of all sailing activities, with appropriate risk assessments

Represents the club externally on sailing matters

Specific Tasks

    • Chairs the Sailing Committee

    • Sets the Sailing Programme and assign OD and AOD duties

    • Integration of sail training into the club calendar

    • Ensures that OD's office is fully equipped and functional

    • Ensures that results are properly calculated and posted

    • Collects trophies and arrange engraving for Dinner Dance

    • Organises prizes for scheduled club events

    • Reports to Club Committee meetings





Richard Rogers

Canoeing Leader/Secretary

Looks after all aspects of the canoeing activities in the club and represents the Club externally in all canoeing matters.

Ensure the safety of all canoeing activities, with appropriate risk assessments

Specific Tasks

·           Liaises with BCU and Canoe England in all matters of affiliation and cooperation

·           Chairs the Canoeing Committee and report to the General Committee.

·           Keeps minutes of the meetings of the Canoeing Committee

·           Delivers a Canoe Report at the AGM

·           Provides canoeing information to the Club Secretary for inclusion in the Club Handbook

·           Manages canoe storage on club premises including allocation to members of places on canoe racks and in storage locations

·           Defines rules for and manage the use of training equipment and club canoes




Dave Harrison

Premises Supervisor

The Premises Supervisor has day-to-day responsibility for running the premises in relation to the Licensing Act 2005.




Sam Lawson

Safeguarding and Child Welfare 

First point of contact for club members, volunteers, parents/carers and young people where concerns about welfare, poor practice or child abuse are identified.

Implements the club’s reporting and recording procedures.

Promotes the club’s best practice guidance/code of ethics and behaviour within the club.

Assists the club to fulfil its responsibilities to safeguard young people.

Assists the club to implement its child welfare implementation plan.

Assists volunteers in keeping their certificates and qualifications up to date.

Reports on child protection issues to the Club Committee.

Ensures confidentiality is maintained and promote anti-discriminatory practice.

First point of contact with the RYA Lead Child Welfare Officer.

Maintains contact details for local social services, police and the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) in case of an emergency.


General committee Members





Any Todd