Though we have some active slalom members we do not claim to be an active slalom club. Chester weir is however just a short paddle from the club house, where our members often practice.

Canoe slalom is one of the most spectacular watersports to watch as we saw at the 2012 Olympics with Etienne Stott and Tim Baillie winning gold, followed by Richard Hounslow and David Florence, claiming silver!

The aim is to run a rapid river course marked by "gates" fast, and without touching. A "gate" is two poles, suspended over the water. Green and white gates are negotiated downstream, red and white upstream. If you touch a gate with your paddle, boat, buoyancy aid, helmet or any part of your body - a 2 second penalty is added to your time. If you miss a gate out, or go through in the wrong direction the penalty is 50 seconds - a wipeout in serious competition! Each competitor takes two runs, and the best run of the two counts.

In Division 4, where you start, it won't be too hard - a rush of water from a weir, or moving water in a stream. When you get to Division 1 it will be big and tricky! Five classes compete: Men's and Women's Kayak, Men's and Women's Canadian Singles and Canadian Doubles This is perfect training for running big whitewater rivers.

For more information vist Canoe Slalom website.