Most members of the club take part in marathon races at some stage of the season. The main driver behind marathon racing at club level is the Hasler Trophy, which operates on a regional basis throughout the season with a grand final for the top 4 clubs in each region in September.

We are active in the NW racing scene and are ever present for Hasler Final qualification. You don't need to be a speed merchant or train every day to enjoy marathon racing. It is in fact our lower and middle ranked paddlers that contribute most to our success in club competition because of the way the sport is organised.

Events are split into 9 divisions based on ability with Divisions 7-9 competing over 4 miles, 4-6 over 8 miles and 1-3 over 12 miles +. As a beginner you would start at or near the bottom division (9) and be promoted upwards as you speed and results dictate.

Chester is also a prime mover in keeping the NW racing scene alive, organising two races each year. We also run a Hare 'n Hounds Series, 12 'training' races throughout the year which give paddlers a stepping stone to real races, but they are also a good training session and can be used as a bench mak to assess your currant fitness. They are always very sociable, and open to other clubs to join in too. We always have soup and a chat in the Club House afterwards!

It is truly a sport for all and open to paddlers of all ages and abilities. Races are held throughout the year on rivers, lakes, canals and estuaries over a wide range of distances and in a wide range of craft from sleek racing kayaks to touring canoes. So if you are looking for endurance sport to test yourself over marathon distances or simply looking for a pleasant experience racing over much shorter distances, then Marathon Racing is the sport for you.

IMG 0014There is a wide range of other races which take place throughout the year. The Devizes to Westminster and the Cheshire Ring, at 125 and 95 miles respectively, plus Glasgow to Edinburgh 2 day race, and the new Great Glen Paddle single or 3 day race are amongst the longest challenges. The Frank Luzmore K2, the Waterside and Thameside Series are between 13 and 34 miles and attract large entries despite being held in January, February and March. These together with local and regional races, including the Hasler Trophy Series and the Lightning Series for our juniors give our Marathon paddlers plenty to aim at.

For more information on Marathon racing visit the BCU web site and the Marathon website.