We like to think we have the ideal location for a club like ours. We are based on the River Dee about 1 mile from the City Centre, at the top of Sandy Lane. We can be a little hard to find- look for a grey gate set back from the road at the top of Sandy Lane with a small sign shortly after the Mount Inn.

We have our own club-house with bar, boat storage, changing rooms, showers and a number of adjustable slalom gates.

The river is deep & wide here and you can paddle for miles upstream through picturesque countryside with no obstacles. The river gradually narrows and becomes more twisty but is still suitable for marathon racing some ten miles upstream. We also have a straight nearly a mile long within half a mile of the club house, which has a measured 1000M, marked off in 250M intervals, which is ideal for sprinting. It's no coincidence that there are four rowing clubs based on the same piece of water. Another plus is that upstream of the club there is very little boat traffic - with the exception of the rowers!

Chester weir is about 1000M downstream and provides an ideal introduction to rough water.

The river itself does occasionally get high enough and swirly enough for the Wild Water boys to have some interest in the winter months and for the marathon paddlers to think twice about taking racing boats out in the dark, but on the other hand it almost never freezes, so we can't complain.

In winter the area around the club is floodlit, making slalom training in the dark possible and getting on for general training that bit more pleasant! The river from the club down to the weir is also fairly well lit in winter, making it popular for winter time trials and training.