All the Hare n Hound Dates for 2017 are now on the Web Site Calendar, if their are date clashes with other 'Club Targeted Races' the dates may change.

Race 1 SUNDAY 12th Feb 

Race 2 SUNDAY 12th March

Race 3 SUNDAY 9th April

Race 4 THURSDAY 18th May 

Race 5THURSDAY 15th June

Race 6THURSDAY 13th July

Race 7 THURSDAY 10th August

Race 8 THURSDAY 7th Sept

Race 9 SUNDAY 8th October 

Race 10 SUNDAY 12th November 


Hare 'n Hound Races: We have 10 of these races each year, 1 per month starting on New Years Day! They are mainly on Sundays but during race season they take place on Thursday nights. It is a Handicapped race for all abilities juniors and categories 10 - 7 do the 5km race TT1, whilst the categories 6 - 1 do the 8km race TT2. They are a great stepping stone to racing and we encourage paddlers to join in. They start at the Road Bridge, so we have a very social warm up before we start, and serve soup in the club house afterwards. We have 3 trophies to present at the end of the year, 'The Nut Brown Hare' - 'The Ashley Hound' - 'The Ashley Hares K2'

SUNDAY RACES Register 9.30, Paddle up 10.00, Start 10.30

Hot Soup in Club House afterwards Cost £1.00

THURSDAY RACES Register 6.00, Paddle up 6.30, Start 7.00

Cost £1.00