Club members had to choose between the Burrs and Hare 'n Hounds today ... fantastic to see our youngsters and Graham Bulmer (Young at Heart!!) having a great day at the Burrs, but back in Chester we had 7 racing, so a Big thank-you to those that came along to chase that Hare .... and WOW what a chase!!

It was such a close call, with 3 small groups all working really well together ... except Ray who was out in the front for everyone to chase, he was paddling very well and came home first in TT1, with Steve Chorley 2nd with Roger on his wash. Colin Cartwright and Mark Tidman just pulled ahead of Eryk and Bob Scholey, but they all finished with barely half a second between them all! 

Colin Cartwright just getting back into it after the birth of Coralie, was in fine form winning TT2, with Roger in 2nd, breaking away from Steve at the Barrel Turn. Steve held onto 3rd with Ray in 4th. Mark Tidman had been pushed hard by Colin in the first half of the race, and was happy to get back in 5th.  Eryk and Bob were still together having a great close paddle, but in the last 5 meters Eryk showed his sprinting skills to come just ahead in 6th, and Bob 7th. Everyone enjoyed their own competitive battles along the way, good solid training and some great racing skills put into practice ... which is what the Hare 'n Hounds is all about ... practice makes perfect when it really matters!

The Results are under Results (Tool Bar above) I must say I did miss my helpers today, but everyone got off the river with a smile and enjoyed the soup .... so it was certainly worth the effort! Well Done Everyone a Great Training Session!! 

Hare 'n Hounds Race 3 Sunday April 10th