Notes / Minutes from Chester Canoe Club Meeting 26th November – The Way Forward


Attendees: Ian Crozier; Carol Hatton; David Hatton; Jake Oldfield Conor; Colin Cartwright; Dave Cartwright; Melvin Swallow; Sarah Swallow; Adele Blakeborough; Margaret Blakeborough; Andy Parkinson; Graham Bulmer; Steve Chorley; Ritchie Rogers; Andy Evans; Denise Oldfield Conor; Helen Marriott; Graham Wells; Jean Ashley; Bob Scholey; Dave Madeley; Ray Stamp.



Committee Members


Canoe Leader

Ian Crozier



Carol Hatton



Andrew Parkinson

Dave Cartwright


Colin Cartwright

Jean Ashley

Race Coordination

Ritchie Rogers

Bob Scholey

Equipment Site

Graham Bulmer


Development / Coaching

Melvin Swallow

Graham Wells

John Hatton


·         First Committee Meeting should ideally before Christmas 2015.

·         Need to produce a plan for 2016 for submission to main club committee for funding.

·         All committee members must have a clearly defined role in the club.


Events for 2016

·         Hasler 1 & 2

·         Cheshire Ring

·         Tuesday TT

·         Tuesday Barrels

·         Hare & Hounds

·         Chester Coaching Days – this could be

§  External coaching day – look into viability - costs

§  Video work

§  Invite other NW Clubs to attend – fee for attending

·         Pool Sessions

§  Rather than organise our own join Peninsula CC @ Caldy

§  Graham Wells to communicate after Christmas

·         WW Tours

§  Three lakes trip

§  Llangollen Slalom Site

·         Family Tours

§  Farndon to Chester

·         Sea Kayaking     

§  Anglesey Weekend

·         Canoe Polo

§  Put up a simple goal on one of the slalom gate arms.

·         Canoe Duathlon

§  Canoe / Run Meadows / Canoe - Adele


Social Events

·         Make the social events for informal – not dinner dances

§  Open the bars for the Canoe Club

§  Curry night at Wetherspoons

§  Film night

§  Watch the Worlds?

·         Aim for 4 social events in the year.


Beginners / New Members

·         Open Day

§  Advertise

§  Cater

§  Come and try policy

·         Promote club to other sports clubs in the area

§  They already involved in competitive sport – this is just another one

§  Quadrathon – promote to TriClub?

·         Friends & Family approach

·         Find out what has been done previously

§  Ensure this is supported by all members

§  Even look at external help?


Boat Repairs

·         If we cannot do it – get external help



·         Race as a club for the NW Hasler events not as individuals

§  Participate in the events that get Chester the most points – K2s etc.

§  Nationals – try to make this a club event – camp as a group with Barbecue etc.?

·         Invite Peninsula CC to summer events and races

·         Make the Club House the central point for the club

§  Yoga session in winter

§  Pilates in winter