Big Thanks to all the Hare 'n Hound'ers a fantastic turnout for Race 7, 17 paddlers (including 2 K2’s) in total, lovely calm conditions too. Great to see the juniors joining in especially ‘Olli’ and his sister ‘Jelly’ both showing determination and strong paddling!

Colin Cartwright and David Hatton set off last (Cat 1) they let nothing get in their way as they powered past everybody and came home well clear of anyone else. Colin was just 1 second ahead of David, then 13 seconds behind Jake in 3rd. James Roberts had another fantastic paddle, having just moved up to Cat 7 he held onto Jake and came a close 4th. Ray still holding onto the lead of T.T.1. came 5th paddling well. There was a little break of 30 seconds and then a steady flow of paddlers came in. John Hatton in his WWR in 6th, and then Milan 7th joined us in his first Hare ‘n Hounds. The Cat 6’s came in within 12 seconds of each other, clearly all working hard and utilizing each others washes. Jess/Rona in 8th, with just seconds between Adele 9th, Bob 10th and Steve 11th.  Carol Hatton paddled K2 with young Olli, it was the furthest he’d ever paddled, they were right in amongst the action and both enjoyed themselves. Roger Williams, just back from injury struggled to make any ground and he was demoted to Cat 6, I’m sure he’ll bounce back again soon! Graham came next and finally Jess (Jelly), she came across with a beaming smile having just done a PB by 5 minuets … an excellent effort well done Jess!

Most paddlers continued onto T.T.2, there was no stopping Colin and David they continued their lead, Colin once again taking 1st, Jake held onto 3rd but Milan showed his strength and almost caught Jake just 2 seconds behind. James paddled well to come 5th. Adele 6th started to break up the Cat 6’s and paddled strong to take Ray on the line, followed closely by Bob. Jess and Rona (not having there best of days) came 9th, Roger overtook Steve Chorley and Graham brought up the rear. Great effort from all as everyone is fighting for the final few points … just 2 races left!
A Big Thanks to Ian Crozier and Olli/Jellys Mum for helping me with the time keeping ... manic today as it was so close on the finish line! Plus Carol and Jean for the soup kitchen and John for making the lovely fire ... it was lovely to see everyone enjoying time in the club house afterwards, and great to have a couple of ‘Wags’ joining us too! THANKS Everyone!

The next Race coincides with the Burrs WWRace, so I will move it to ensure we get another good turnout and so you all can race … the date will be either 8th Nov or 22nd   I just need to check my weekend activities!!!
Full Times and Points under ‘Results’