Hi Everyone,

This year we will be giving all the Club Trophies and Hare 'n Hound Prizes at the Christmas Chinese Night on Thursday 18th December.

There will be a training session before hand, be on the water sharpish at 6.30 for an hours paddle, Christmas lights if you want to really enhance the Christmas Spirit!! The Chinese will be served about 8 ish, please let Bob Scholey if you wish to have the Chinese Banquet approx cost £7.00. Prize Giving will follow the Food.

On Boxing Day Adrian Fisher is planning a Boxing day social paddle/tour on the Dee using K2 or Canadian boats, he has asked if anybody wants to join the MACC Paddlers ... and blow out the Christmas over eating. Meet at Sandy Lane at ten. All Welcome to join in and have a few hours on the river. This is an option to our Boxing Day Blast, let me know what you think to which you would prefer? Thanks Jean


A superb calm morning for the final race of the 2014 Series. A big Thank-you to all paddlers that came to the last race, the final results were to determine the winners of both Trophies, with several paddlers still in contention!

We did think Cameron Bentley might put the 'cat amongst the pigeons' (as they say) ... he hadn't raced in the series this season, so we weren't sure how well he would paddle! We had a paddler in almost every catagory from 10 to 2 so everyone had someone to chase, except Graham Bulmer who went of first! Cameron just managed to overtake him just before the TT1 finish, Jake paddling well came in 3rd. There was a very close procession starting with Ray, then John, David, Bob Jean and finally Eryk. Even though Cameron won TT1 it didn't alter Struan Fishburn's points, so I'm very pleased to say 'Well done Struan on winning the 'Nut Brown Hare'!

Jake had now got to to work extremely hard to overtake Cameron as he needed 10 points to win the Ashley Hound! Jake was on great form and managed to catch him at the barrel and eventually overtake him in the last straight. It was great to see 8 out of 9 paddlers carrying on to do the full race. David came in 3rd and then after a small gap Bob paddled very well to move into 4th, followed by John. Jean and Eryk had a battle to the line, but Eryk's sprinting gave him the edge. Ray hung on and came in just behind Jean. So Congratulations go to Jake on his Ashley Hound Trophy 2014!

Everyone enjoyed the final race, apart from poor Roger who missed the start, commiserations to him ... he has finished the series in 2nd place in both categories and is certainly back on track after starting the beginning of the year with an injury, he'll be back with avengance next year I'm sure!

Big thanks to Jean and Carol for the soup and to Carol and Tracey Bentley for helping out with the timing, also to David Hatton who helped me out at the start enabling me to be able to race ... THANKS EVERYONE!

I hope you have all enjoyed the Hare 'n Hounds Series, this year we only managed 10 races, that was down to the bad floods and river conditions in Jan and Feb, it was still 6 races to count but everyone who did 5 or more races will be getting a prize at the Chinese Evening 18th December ... so hope to see you all there!!!

I will compile a list of dates for the 2015 Series soon and post them on the website and also on the notice board at the club, they are not 'set in stone' as sometimes we have other commitmentsand races, but I will do my best to run them on the dates posted.

See 'Results' for the latest points and positions. 

Thanks to all that came to race the Hare 'n Hounds today ... good racing in warm windy conditions! Jess and Rona came home 1st they worked very hard to hold the opposition off, especially Ray who came home in a close 2nd. John Hatton had a very strong race in his WWR coming 3rd, Roger held Bob off to come in 4th Bob 5th. Jake paddled very well putting the fastest time of the day in (27.38). Whilst Adele and Graham both paddled below there normal form and have been demoted, Adele to Cat 7 and Graham to Cat 10. Parky came in last, as always with a big smile and plenty of excuses!

In TT2 Jake went on to a convincing lead and won, whilst Bob 'fresh' back from the Alps was paddling very well (must of been all the altitude training!!) he overtook Roger to come 2nd, Roger 3rd. Jess and Rona paddled the long race for the first time ever, so they were tired but finished well ... giving them a practice for longer races next season. Adele battled on and finished 5th.

There is one final race is and its not all cut and dried yet ....  its so close, Struan Fishburn is just holding off Roger, and Jess and Rona Fishburn K2 in TT1. With Jake and Colin Cartwright on equal points in TT2 ... its all to be decided in the last race of the Series 16th November! So lets make it a good Final 2014 Hare 'n Hounds Race!

A big thank-you to Ian Crozier for timing and Carol and Jean for the soup .... and a special mention to Jess and Rona for washing up after us ... Great Team effort THANKS Everyone ....much appreciated!

See 'Results' for the latest points and positions.

Last Race of the Series Sunday 16th November 9.30 for 10.00 start


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7 youngsters and the 'young at heart' Bob Scholey represented Chester Canoe club at the Burrs white water race last weekend.  For some of them it was their first time on white water and they all handled the water really well and put up some good times.

Jake put in some awesome runs to take the Overall win despite paddling a wavehopper, David won the wavehopper category.  Lewis Rimmer put in a strong performance to take third place in the U16 class.

But in the teams it was great to see Chester take 2nd and 3rd place. Bob, David & Jake took 2nd place with Lewis Rimmer, Ben Chaddock and James Sleddon-Plant taking 3rd place.  Prizes were presented by Olympic Bronze medallist Jonnie Schofield which was very exciting!

Everyone had a great time and even the rain didn’t dampen the high spirits.  Massive thanks to Peter Schofield for organising the race and to all the helpers and clubs who provided safety cover, timing etc.  Everyone is looking forward to the next one!



Hi all,
The role of Canoe leader will be vacant not Canoe Secretary as stated in the AGM summons. Jean Ashley has decided to stand down from the post and Sarah Swallow will stand again as Canoe Secretary. We thank Jean for her efforts, it is most appreciated. She will continue to run the Canoe website, and organize the Hare 'n Hounds. We still need people to fill the vacant positions so if you might be interested but are unsure what the job entails please talk to a member of committee for more information, they don’t bite. If we cannot fill these posts it will make things very difficult for the club to continue in future and we may be forced to close down so please do consider standing if only for a year, as they say every little helps. Remember without the committee our club cannot exist and facilities will no longer be available for use and we’ll all loose out.

Commodore - Paul Dawson

Vice Commodore - Phil Proctor

Treasurer - Alan Whitehead

Secretary - Vacant candidate required

Club Captain - Bill Broughall

Sailing Secretary - Wally Riley

Canoe Secretary - Sarah Swallow

Canoe Leader - Vacant candidate required

Rear Commodore - Lorraine Nichol

Child Welfare Officer - Vacant candidate required

Premises Supervisor - Dave Harrison

Auditor - John Edwards

General Committee - Mark Tidman - Mike Harvey - Mike Kneale - Graham Bulmer - 2 Vacancies candidates required


Once again can I remind Trophy holders we need them back ASAP please? Please either give them to someone you know or leave them in the Club House on Thursday or bring them to the Hare 'n Hounds on Sunday THANKS. We need to get them engraved for this year’s winners! 

THE DINNER DANCE we are starting to take bookings. Lorraine Nichols is standing as Rear Commodore and so is running with the dinner dance preparations with Jan Robert’s assistance. Please contact Lorraine to let her know you wish to attend. Her email address is mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks CSCC Secretary