Blue skies and a superb morning on the River Dee for our Hare 'n Hounds Race 2, a great turnout and some tough competition, with plenty of action and lots of paddlers really pushing hard! It is quite dificult to write a full race report as we had several paddlers starting off in the wrong categories. However Bob and I have finally sorted the results out, the correct results can be found under 'RESULTS'. This may not be the order in which you finished but trust me these results are correct and have been adjusted as to the correct catagory' you are. If you go into the spread sheet and go onto the 'overall page' you can see your correct catagory and your promotion/demotion points. If you get -3 you get demoted and if you have a very good race you will get promoted, 0 means you are holding your own.

Bob has kindly spent extra time on the spread sheet, so from now on please race in the correct Category, it will save us alot of complications , so no excuses next time ..... THANKS!!

Graham won TT1 convincingly and has been promoted to 8, with Rona 2nd and Ray 3rd. In TT2 David won, with Colin WWR 2nd and Richard Rogers 3rd, for full placings and results see 'Results' 

A Big thanks to Jean and Carol for the soup, and an extra thanks to Carol and Helen Marriott for taking the times .... most appreciated yet again!

We had an extra surprise today ... those of us who were a bit later leaving the club had the great privilege of watching an otter playing outside the club and on the opposite bank. Spotted by Helen it came up with the tide and spent a good 10 mins playing on the bank, a great sight to see especially so close!

Congratulations to David Hatton who has been selected for GB at the Waterlands Race!

Future stars of marathon canoeing selected for Waterlands race, Amsterdam.....

The team for the Waterlands marathon has been announced and features lots of new faces and exciting prospects. The team, which features 14 athletes, was selected off the back of four marathon squad training days as well as the Thameside 2 assessment race. The athletes will travel out to Amsterdam in five weeks time and will line up against a host of other countries in what has become one of Europe's leading marathon races.

In the under 23 male category, Chelmsford Canoe Club have underlined their recent emergence as a marathon powerhouse with 4 out of 7 spots taken by the club. Peter Wilkes, Lewis Duffield and Matthew Johnson will all make their international marathon debuts, whilst Dan Johnson returns to the team after paddling at the Junior World Championships in 2013. They will be joined by two of last years GB juniors who paddled at the 2014 European and World Championships- Ross McMullen (Elmbridge) and Jack Childerstone (Wey). Completing the U23 group is Tom Lusty (Solihull) who will also be making his marathon debut.

There are two senior athletes on the team- Robert Poole (LBZ) has made somewhat of a comeback this year and announced his arrival back on the team with an excellent 5th place at the assessment race. He is joined by Billy Butler, an established long distance and DW paddler who has made excellent progress at Longridge Canoe Club this winter and is now leading the chasing pack behind our top senior men.

The junior team contains five athletes who have all made excellent progress this winter. Declan Strong (Chelmsford) is the only U18 athlete, and secured his place on the team with a good performance at the assessment race. The remaining U17 athletes have all put in strong performances at the training days over the winter to secure their places. Joshua Westwood (Wey), Tim Morris (Falcon), William Smithson (RLS) and David Hatton (Chester) will all be lining up in GB marathon colours for the first time.

Good luck to all the athletes racing...... especially David!!

Thanks to everyone that braved the elements this morning, wind sleat, rain and choppy waters ... a tough Hare 'n Hounds! Good to see some strong paddling and well done to Eryk on keeping his C1 race kayak upright! Well Done to Graham Bulmer on winning TT1, he went off first and paddled well to retain his lead. It was a very close call as David, Jake and Melvin came in next just a second between each of them, with Mark Tidman in 5th and Mark Eryk close behind. John Hatton paddled his WWR to take 7th with Ray just behind.

David, Melvin and Jake worked well together, and David on his final few strokes just over took Melvin, less than a second between them. Jake dropped of their washes but maintained his 3rd place, with Mark in 4th and Eryk still paddling well in 5th.

Big Thanks to Helen for helping me with the time keeping and in the soup kitchen ... a tough day but at least the soup warmed us up afterwards!

See 'Results' for the latest points and positions.

Race 3 - 22nd March 9.30, paddle up at 10.00 START PROMT 10.30 


Big Thanks to Steve Marnell and his Team of helpers for putting on a great Weaver Descent , the weather was kind, we even had some blue sky and a slight easterly wind at one point! A good turnout of NW paddlers from Runcorn, Chester, Trentham and MADCC . It was great to see everyone finishing strong, smiling and happy, a very well organized race, which felt very motivating, and so good to be part of a long distance race in the NW!

All 4 Chester paddlers came home with medals, and all had good solid races. David Hatton and Jenny Swallow spent a large part of the race in the front K1 peloton, with John O’Grady, Jamie Mayers and Jenny Illage. John went on to win (2.21.09) with James in 2nd (2.21.57). Jenny Illage came in 3rd 1st Female (2.24.04). David and Jenny worked together, David coming 1st Junior 4th overall (2.26.36) and Jenny 2nd female 5th overall.(2.26.37).

Andy Hastwell, Maggie Nixon, and Liam King were in the next group home.

Eryk Marcinkowski paddled his C1 brilliantly, he was doing very well until the last 2 miles when Chris Davison and Ron Williams just overtook him. It was the longest paddle Eryk had ever done in his C1, he won the C1 category (2.46.17) 11th overall, a superb effort!

Jean was in the K2 category, she teamed up with Mree Ttaym (TRE). Off the start the MAD K2 (Adrian Fisher/Rebecca Storm) and the TRE K2 (Phil Roberts/George Randall) just moved ahead, but Jean and Mree caught them up at the potages. The MADCC K2 eventually pulled away and went on to win (2.43.02), whilst Jean and Mree played cat and mouse with Phil and George for most of the race. Jean and Mree’s portaging experience allowed them to get past TRE on all the portages, however Phil and George caught them up again. On the last portage Jean and Mree pushed hard, then decided to stop talking and put the hammer down (Jean’s words)! They went on to finish in just 2mins ahead (2.50.27). 2nd K2 and 1st (and only) Female K2.

An Excellent Day out, there was a great feel to the whole race, and it was good to see paddlers in the North West all pulling together and enjoying the paddle. Perhaps this could be the start of a few more long distance races hear in the North ……. Farndon to Chester Anyone?

Runcorn Canoe Club are running The Weaver Descent race, following the Weaver Canoe Trail on 15th March 2015. It is 17 miles K1, K2 or relay (x4) - all flat water in case anyone is put of by the word `descent'- plus 4 lock portages.

All races will take place on the River Weaver, starting at Winsford Flash (OS Ref 658661) finishing at Runcorn Canoe Club, Clifton. Located 0.5 miles from M56 J12, (OS Ref 526798). Sign posted from Motorway.

Categories -Senior Men — K1, K2 or C1 / C2, Senior Women — K1, K2 or C1 / C2 Mixed Senior or Senior/Junior — K2 / C2 Junior Boys (U18) — K1, K2 or C1 / C2, Junior Girls (U18) — K1, K2 or C1/C2 Relay x 4 - Single or Double (Fun race)

It would be great to get some Chester paddlers supporting this race K1, K2 or even a relay (x4) see the details below ....

Weaver Descent Information