Hello Everyone

Hope we have all managed to survive the storms without too much damage!  The latest long range forcast tells us the storms have abated for now but we are still in for one or two more but much less powerful than the last ones.  The river level is still quite high and the current makes sailing unsafe for now until the level receeds conciderably which is it starting to show signs of doing.  Lets hope and pray the rains remain light for the next few weeks.  Bala lake is still quite high so we can see high river levels for a while at least.

River Level

I have just published the latest OOD duty rota in Dutyman so some of you will be receiving emails shortly if you have not already received them.  We are really short on OODs and AODs at present so those of you who have received emails indicating you are rota'd and have never done AOD duties before do not worry, we do have courses planned for you and I will be emailing you the dates shortly.

On a similar vein just to let you know the handbooks are going to print in the next few days so will be with you soon.  In order to receive one you will, of course have had to renew tyour membership.  Many of you have still to do so so please be aware the late payment surcharge comes into force on 1st March so now is the time to get the renewal in.   If you have lost the one I sent you a copy can be downloaded at http://chestersailingclub.com/downloads


Those of you that followed the America's Cup Racing may recall the sad tragedy in the death of Andrew (Bart) Simpson during a training session. 

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation is planning a monster sized attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for 'The Largest Sailing Event in the World', which they are calling 'Bart's Bash' in memory of Andrew.

The idea is to have a mass participation club race across the UK and the whole World.  It's known that pretty much every club has a race on Sunday morning, with all kinds of boats taking part, so the goal is to get everyone participating together to create one big event race.  If they can get hundreds of clubs taking part, with just their normal sailors racing on the water, they will generate thousands of Guinness World Record Holders in Andrew 'Bart' Simpson's name. 

As we are an RYA registered club we simply could not let this go by without taking part and so we have registered Chester Sailing and Canoeing Club as a participating club in this event.  To date over 400 clubs have registered so far.  The event will take place on Sunday 11th September and race start is 11am precisley  This is no differant to a normal Sunday race for us so we are urging all our sailing members to please help us by sailing that day.  We open the invitation to ALL members adult and Juniors alike of all abilities and ask you to invite your sailing freinds to come along and take part with us as well.  We will of course keep you updated nearer the time but for more information here is the website set up for the event. http://www.bartsbash.co.uk/



As always our Juniors have been out on the water taking part in events anfd getting out and about

Disappointing day at Leigh and Lowton for the Junior Winter Regatta - one race in very light wind in the morning then abandonment of the last two races mid afternoon. After such recent windy days who would have expected no wind! At least Chester sailors won the prize for the best represented club with 10 youngsters taking part.

A few visited the Boat show and Rebecca Barry was fortunate to meet Ben Ainsle



It was a challenging sail at the Topper Training day at Elton on Saturday with gusts of over 40 knots!



And it was windy too at L&L for the Feva Training Day - christened the new sails with mud.



We have made the decision to cancel the Topper Traveller at Chester on Saturday 22 February because of the very high water level and strong flow. The forecast next week is for more rain and there is significant water on the flood plain all along the Dee Valley waiting to come down so the chances of the water level dropping is slim, however, all is not lost and we have managed to swap dates to 15th March.


Do you have any unwanted sails? If you do please contact Sarah Downes as she is making sail cloth products - it's a great way to recycle those old sails and clear some space in the garage.


Finally you will by now have noticed that over the last year thanks to much good work by the Training section we have, though grant funding, aquired many new club boats like 2 new Lasers, 3 new toppers and a new Wanderer.  With this in mind the Sailing committee have asked me to inform everyone of the following for use of club boats. 

May we remind members on the use of club boats for the coming season.  We ask for your full co-operation in following these guidelines so we can ensure all club boats remain fit for use and available all season.  The guidelines below may seem a little harsh but they are in the best interests of your safety and to help the Committee ensure the boats remain in good order for you to safely use.

Safety boats are also included in these guidelines

Use is on a first come first served basis unless boat is required for club activity such as Topper travellers or training session.  Priority will be given to training use.

Those using club boats must be club members or attending a club training course (under supervision).

Regular use of club boats by member(s) is discouraged where possible to encourage the member to purchase/use their own boat, to help reduce wear on the club boats, and make them available for training purposes.  This is to be at the discression of the club sailing committee or general committee.

Members must seek permission to use a club boat from either the Sailing Secretary or flag officer of the committee (Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Training principal etc.) please and use be recorded in the log book by that officer on the day of use.  The Log book is located in the OOD hut.  Officer to sign book to verify request for use.

Boats are only to be used during club activities i.e. Tuesday and Sunday racing, Thursday Cruising or training sessions on Fridays or Saturdays unless express permission is given by the above club officials.  Use of club boat outside of club sessions is strictly prohibited without permission of a club officer.  This is for your own safety.

Members are responsible for any damage to a boat and/or its equipment during its use and are required to report any problems or defects to the Sailing Secretary or Committee member as soon as practical and ensure the fault is logged in the log book so we know to fix them, and also for safety reasons.

For use at events outside club i.e. Anglesey offshore race, users should seek permission from club official and have the correct setup to tow legally on the highways.


Thats all for now but for information I will be posting race dates in the calender on the website.  You should be able to see them at the bttom of the page or http://chestersailingclub.com/calendar/month.calendar/2014/02/19/-



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