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Race objectives/target races for the year We will encourage as many paddlers as possible to do NW Haslers so we can race at the Hasler Finals. We also hope to have a strong Cheshire Ring Team, and start some K2 training sessions combining Adults and Juniors in preparation.

NW Haslers in BOLD

06/04/2014 Gailey
04/05/2014 Duddon NW Hasler
04/05/2014 Worcester
17/05/2014 Conway Ascent
01/06/2014 Chester 1 NW Hasler
22/06/2014 Runcorn NW Hasler
08/06/2014 Burton
28//06/2014 Cheshire Ring (Bob Scholey Team Manager)
13/07/2014 Adelphi Mill (Madcc) NW Hasler
03/08/2014 Trentham NW Hasler
24/08/2014 National Marathon Champs - Worcester
12/10/2014 Hasler Finals - Richmond
21/10/2014 Chester II NW Hasler

Sprints 2014
12/13-Apr Notts sprints (senior and open)
10/11-May Notts sprints (masters and open)
14/15-Jun Notts sprints (U23 and open)
05/06 July Inter Club Sprint Regatta
06/07-Sep Notts sprints (junior and parra)

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